Henri Rousseau: Innocence.

‘The Dream’ by Henri Rousseau

This is a blog about the creativity of being human and I would like to share a thought that strikes me often when I work.

I think that there is some cynicism about humans. I think we have learned to distrust ourselves as a species. In the counselling room I often witness dialogues of unworthiness. People often see themselves as unworthy of happiness, love, esteem, respect. Most of all, people see themselves as unworthy of their own love and their own esteem.

And I think I can detect the same sentiments in society. Quite rightly, we have learned to question our leaders: our political leaders, our religious leaders, our media leaders, our educational leaders. Our willingness as individuals to question and to take responsibility for the decisions that effect us has been a quantum leap. But innocence is lost when we have no faith in the ones who represent us. In the ones who are the models of humanity.

Animals, we can love. Nature, we can love. Children, we can love. Poetry and mysticism, we can love. But it is harder to see the innocence in our adult selves.

I chose to be a counsellor because sometimes in counselling, when the couch is just right, I can see the innocence in the person sitting with me and the innocence in myself. Not the innocence of a child, who still has so much to learn and unlearn, but the innocence of someone who can forgive themselves and finally direct their compassion inward.

by Upasana


8 thoughts on “Henri Rousseau: Innocence.

  1. Yes…very eloquent. Within the innocence is very often the bare truth. Sometimes an exquisite and painful place to sit. You have beautiful insight upsili xxx

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