Freud’s Couch


Although I studied Psychology, the curriculum of my undergraduate degree did not thoroughly cover its history and steered us firmly away from the writings and theories of Freud and Jung. They were considered unscientific and at the time I studied my degree, every effort was being made to demonstrate the scientific validity of Psychology. At that time in my journey as a psychologist, Freud seemed to me to be a looming shadow; someone to inspire skepticism; someone we should ‘break’ with if we were to evolve into a respectable science.

Of course, after I graduated the responsibility to educate myself returned to me – as it should. I am slowly filling in the pieces and learning to be more inclusive in my understanding of what it is to be human and what it means to assist in a healing process.

“However much the analyst may become tempted to become a teacher, model and ideal for other people and to create men in his own image, he should not forget that that is not his task in the analytic relationship, and indeed he will be disloyal to his task if he allows himself to be led on by his inclinations. If he does, he will only be repeating a mistake of the parents who crushed their child’s independence by their influence, and he will be replacing the patient’s earlier dependence by a new one.”



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